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Nutritious and delicious dog treats complete with omega-rich green-lipped mussel, salmon oil and calcium for added joint health benefits.

What are Joint Treat Bones Plus?

Every dog deserves a treat, so why not make it one that’s beneficial for their health too? Dog biscuits were first created in the mid-19th century and the recipe was a secret combination of meat and vegetables. We're glad that times have moved on and that treats can now be both tasty and great for dog's every day mobility. Joint Treat Bones are uniquely packed full of vitamins, minerals, beneficial oils and tasty herbs to give your dog a treat but also to help maintain their joint health.

Why choose Joint Treat Bones Plus?

Our delicious recipe makes these treats a tasty way to make sure your dog receives the right amount of valuable nutrients to support continual maintenance and repair of joints. Joint Treat Bones provide the right levels of high strength green-lipped mussel, a rich, natural source of glycoproteins, chondroitin, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. We've also added salmon oil rich in omega 3 and 6 plus more calcium for bone health and an antioxidant-rich herb mix including rosehip, oregano and rosemary.

Are these right for my dog?

Whatever your dog’s age, their mobility can be affected by wear and tear on their joints. Using nutritional treats such as Joint Treat Bones is an effective way of making sure your dog receives the nutrients they need to keep them active. These treats are suitable for all dogs, however nutritional support from an early age can greatly benefit dogs later in life. Suitable for all dogs however do not use if your dog is pregnant or lactating.


Made in the UK.

Key features

  • Contains salmon oil & green-lipped mussel
  • With calcium for bone health
  • Includes an antioxidant herb mix

Feeding guidelines 

Introduce Joint Treat Bones gradually over a period of 5-7 days. They can be fed at any time that your dog prefers, morning or evening; spread throughout the day or as a training reward. The below amounts are only a guide. Remember that treats contribute to the total calorie intake so don't be tempted to feed your dog too many! Treats can form up to 10% of energy intake.

Typical allowance (to deliver the equivalent of 1,000mg GLM to a 30kg dog)
Toy dog (up to 5kg) 1 treat daily
Small dog (5-10kg) 1-2 treats daily
Medium dog (10-25kg) 2-4 treats daily
Large (25-45kg) 4-6 treats daily
Giant (45kg and above) 6+ treats daily