About Us

Once upon a time, Mommy Huma wanted to show her affection by giving a memorable gift to baby Iyanna, something that will have Iyanna's name on it, something Iyanna knows is hers, learns to read her name from it, something that she will treasure forever.

Then Mommy Huma decided to take matters into her own hands and design something very personal for her own baby Iyanna.

Everyone in friends and family loved her design so much that she started producing bespoke designs for all other mommies around her and years later people across the globe loved gifts from Snugdem-Boogums.co.uk. so much that it become their favourite gift shop.

Each baby's gift is designed with a lot of love to bring smiles to their adorable faces for years to come.

Every amazing gift you see in this store is hand-designed by Mommy Huma with quality, functionality and luxury in mind. All products go through an extensive design process. Mommy Huma places a lot of emphasis on the finer details, from sourcing the best materials to selecting the perfect colours as she believe in providing the best for babies.

All orders come in mommy huma’s signature gift box with ribbon as we believe that unboxing a gift is half the fun of receiving one!

So whether you're buying for a friend's baby, your niece/nephew or your own precious one, we hope you enjoy these gifts as much as we enjoyed making them.

With love,