Flexi-Turmeric For Dogs - 120 Tablets



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A powerful formulation of high strength turmeric combined with vitamin C to support your dog’s active lifestyle.


What is Flexi-Turmeric?

Dogs, like humans, often experience discomfort, not just in their joints but in the digestive tracts too. Turmeric, well known for its use in cuisine (especially curries), is often referred to as the “golden spice of India”, but it’s also been used for centuries in traditional Indian and Chinese remedies to support health and wellbeing. Its popularity continues to grow and while there are no EU-approved health claims yet, it is used as a health supplement around the world. It’s no coincidence that turmeric is our best-selling product. Flexi-Turmeric for Dogs is a high strength supplement designed to give your dog optimum levels of super-nutrient turmeric and the curcuminoids it provides. We’ve created a formula that can benefit your dog’s active lifestyle and support their joint and immune health.

Why is ours better?

Each tablet of Flexi-Turmeric has 400mg of high-grade turmeric extracted from turmeric root powder. We then added stomach-friendly vitamin C to aid with your dog’s immune and joint health. Finally, brewers’ yeast is added to make these easy-to-crumble tablets more palatable while also being packed full of B-complex vitamins.

Is this right for my dog?

Our formulation has been specially developed to complement our best-selling Flexi-Joints products. Regularly using balanced nutritional supplements like Flexi-Turmeric and Flexi-Joints can help your dog as it ages. Suitable for all dogs over the age of 8 weeks – simply crumble a tablet and sprinkle over your pet’s favourite meal.


Made in the UK.