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List of Car Problems with solutions (12 Most Common Issues)

Adam mirzaJul 12, '19

You are using your vehicle and unexpectedly it is the breakdown of your automotive. There may be the following list of car problems like Puncture, gas failure, flat battery, suspicious smoke. In this situation, motorists tend to panic and do not always react in the proper manner.  Moreover, The dry breakdown, the flat battery, the punctured tire are the most common troubles in a van or vehicle. It is the obsession of the motorist, constantly in a hurry and for whom a breakdown in no way takes place at the right time. Once the wonder has handed, it is vital to react well to get secure and safe. Here are some hints to keep away from panic and horrific reflexes while the time comes:

List of car problems and solution

Here, I am going to mention several car problems list and solutions.

1- Lack of Survival Kit

To experience the quiet thoughts, there are some essential tools which you should always have in your car. Remember to renew your stock of bulbs once they are changed. As a reminder, the signal triangle and the reflective vest have become to be mandatory.

List of car problems and solutions


1- A jack and a crank in case of a puncture.
2- Battery clips.
3- A flashlight if you smash down at night.
4- Spare bulbs.
5- A sign triangle and a reflective vest.

2- Gas Outage: What to do?

The fuel outage typically takes place whilst you have no longer paid attention to the indicator light indicating that you are driving on the fuel reserve. The light may also not work and, in this situation, run to your Garage before the dry breakdown. In any case, keep an eye on the level of gas frequently. For this failure, you will have to walk to the nearest service station to fill your can, because the law forbids to have a tank filled with fuel in your trunk due to the fact of the risks of explosions and inflammation that it could a reason.

3- Puncture: What to do?Puncture Car Problem

Changing a wheel is not a difficult exercise, but you should have the essential equipment in your automobile:

1- A spare wheel (optional in a few vehicles).
2- A jack.
3- A cross key.
4- Flashlight.


if you do not know how to change the tyre, do not hesitate to ask for assistance from other drivers because it is the most common car problem faced by every motorist.

4- Battery Failure

Whilst your battery falls flat, the first element is to take a look at which you have the battery cables that will allow you to recharge it, and search a motorist available to troubleshoot you. Then follow the following technique to load a battery:

1- Connect the clamp to the battery of the other car.
2- Join the clamp at the different end of the equal cable of your battery.
3- Connect the clip of a second cable to the battery of the other cars.
4- Join the other end of this 2d cable to a mass (metal element of the motor).
5- Then allow your battery recharge for a few minutes and you may go lower back.

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5- Missing liquids

It is essential to check the levels of liquids in a vehicle, but having a lot of oil does not necessarily mean that everything is fine.

Never forget to check out the almost hidden sticker that tells you when the next oil change needs to be done.
While checking the liquids, check the windshield wipers. It is necessary at all costs to avoid having obstructed visibility during torrential rains on a long and open route. Regular maintenance can prevent this issue.

6- Defective brakes

There are many things you can do for yourself to prepare your vehicle for a long trip, but some items probably need to be followed by a professional.

If the brakes or shock absorbers start to be defective, a road trip is not the best time to test their stamina.



If a vehicle has a serious problem or even worries that may quickly become serious, it is better to have it revised by a professional before taking the road and maitenance is the only solution.

7- Car Lock Out Problem

Car problem and Solution

If you have forgotten the keys in the car before locking the door, the services of a professional to enter and recover your keys could damage your vehicle and cost you expensive. €80 for five minutes of work? You’re kidding! Plus, it’s not super hard to get into a car with an automatic lock, a manual lock or you can even take a look through the trunk, it’s something you can do on your own, right? Don’t try to break a window to get your keys.


You may find a solution from the following video. I know it is an old one, however, it can help you in a difficult situation;

Note: You should always have an extra pair of keys to avoid this kind of issue.

8- Car Starting Problems

It is the driver’s obsession, especially in the morning when he goes to work: the lack of starting the engine when turning the ignition key. This issue is often caused by a failure of the starter. Starter failures can be multiple forms due to the number of parts involved. It is, however, possible to repair caryourself even if a replacement is very often advised by the professionals. Here are some solutions to remember in case of a problem.

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By regular maintenance, you can control this problem.

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9-Engine overheated

This usually happens when you overload the car. Ride in the mountains by being heavily loaded or drive in a prolonged way over-speed. But this can also be due to a lack of oil or coolant. Do you notice that the engine is heating up too much?

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Don’t go any farther, stop in time and wait for the engine to cool down. And maintenance by professionals is essential in this situation.

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10- Headlight Issues

An issue with the headlights of your car can bring serious damage to your life especially when you are driving at night with faulty headlights. There may be 2 types of faults in your vehicle’s headlights

i- Fuse bulb

ii- Foggy and yellowish headlights


Always have a new bulb in your car and it is very easy to replace the faulty bulb with a new one. Therefore, repair headlights w.r.t bulb is relatively easy.

Moreover, if you want to get shining headlights you may read the following article:

How to clean headlights with vinegar

11- Car Interior Issues

If you are not feeling good with the interiors of an auto, it is not a good gesture for you. Car problems ( interior) might be the following

i- Heater or Air conditioner has stopped working

ii- Radio’s sound problem

iii- Car seat problems (Dirty upholstery or Torn cloths of seats)

you can read more about: How to clean car seats

iv- GPS (Global Positioning system) Issues


i- For a heater, check the fan, if it works properly or not.

ii- For silent radio, change the blown fuse if the radio.

iii- Try to use leather seats instead of cloths.

iv- If given position of GPS is not correct, use an external antenna.


12- Air Conditioning

Air Condition is the most common problem faced by various car owners. After a winter season, it is quite possible that Air Conditioner may not be in working position. The faulty compressor might be one of the reasons for the AC issue. However, it is time to get your car checked by a mechanic.

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You can check the Air condition by yourself. There could be following faulty apparatus

i- Faulty Ventilation Fan (Easy to replace with a new one)

ii- Loose Hose

iii- Faulty Compressor.
Air condition problem is tricky to solve, however, it is very inexpensive to repair by an expert.



13- Total Failure and towing: What to do?

you can equip your self with a tow bar but its use is limited. The majority of insurance corporations offer troubleshooting assistance. Call the business enterprise where you purchased your settlement  (troubleshooting help), it will touch an authorized convenience store that will assist you as soon as feasible.

Caution: if your corporation/company is genuinely presenting troubleshooting assistance, you should notify it without any delay. The costs you incur will not be reimbursed if you make a call to a convenience store and then call your insurance company/enterprise later.

What to do on the Highway?

Essential safety measures are to be taken into account while you break down on the highway. Indeed, a car at the stop on the emergency stop band attracts the other drivers’ attention, looking at it and without realizing it, deport to it and create the Accident. In case of mechanical issues, join the right-hand line at the first demanding signs.

1- For protection, if you have a signal triangle, locate it about thirty ft behind the automobile.
2- Do not attempt to stop the other cars.
3- Never cross the highway to go to the opposite Station.
4- Do not try to repair.
5- Then, Contact with the nearest emergency station (each 2 km)

I hope, you would get the answer to your issue in above-mentioned list of car problems, if not, please do comment in a comment section we will try to solve that problem.

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