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Top 100 names for baby girls

We understand that with so many name options out there, choosing a baby girl name can be a difficult decision therefore we have listed 100 top baby girls names to choose from.   Rank Name Count2 1 OLIVIA 4,598 2 AMELIA 3,941 3 AVA 3,110 4 ISLA 3,046 5 EMILY 2,676 6 MIA 2,490...

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What is COVID -19? Coronavirus Name Meaning & Prevention

COVID-19 is a new RESPIRATORY illness that can affect your lungs and airways, which is caused by a virus called coronavirus.The NHS advises you should stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms,

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Luxury Blanket

Soft Luxury Cable Knit blanket with matching coloured soft large pom pom detailing on the corner.

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